WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Winter has been in full swing here in Chicago, which means it’s time for three things: wool coats, warm drinks and a full Netflix queue. Dressing for winter can sometimes be a challenge, and no matter how much you despise pajamas as streetwear, we’ve all had the thought that life could be great in sweatpants.

Thankfully, that thought leaves our minds as quickly as it enters. Dressing for winter doesn’t have to be drab, fleece-lined and frumpy. This Fashionisto knows how to dress on his days off and how to stay warm doing it.

Starting with a base layer of dark wash denim and a sweater, this Fashionisto knows the winning combination. These pieces create a solid foundation for building a killer look. The simple, but clean-cut denim perfectly complements the softer, textured sweater. To elevate the entire look and make it look put-together, this Fashionisto added a cuff to his jeans.

For accessories, he opted for a pair of brown, leather lace-up boots, trusty for Chicago winters and keep him looking dapper. To top it all off, he threw on a wool double-breasted peacoat. A nice pair of boots and a classic coat are two winter staples that every Fashionisto should have in his closet.

Each element in his look is simple on its own, but comes together to create the perfect look for a winter weekend. Layers to keep warm and details to maintain style are the way to do fashion during the cold and blistery months.

One Simple Change: Have a dinner or night out with friends later on? Add a button-up shirt to the look. Add the button-up underneath the sweater, and let the collar peek out to create a preppy and classy look or ditch the sweater altogether and wear a button-up on its own.