WHAT TO WEAR: Warmth and Fashionable are Possible

As December sprung upon us, Mother Nature decided that it was the perfect time to have a heavy snowfall occur every day of the month. Along with the blizzard-like conditions, the temperature has been below freezing causing everyone to dress in bundles, and not the sleek fashion that is typically around campus in the warmer months. With that being said, I convinced this Fashionisto to stay outside for a little longer to take some pictures for this month’s article.

This Fashionisto did not leave his dorm without putting effort into his outfit regardless of the freezing temperatures. He decided to wear a skinny pair of a darker shade of khakis from American Eagle Outfitters. Since the academic buildings are a warm place to study, this Fashionisto wore a white graphic T-shirt from GUESS with a little added flair with its V-neck collar. Since the weather is a bit cold, he made sure to bundle up with a classic Columbia ski jacket with a nice white accent color to avoid just being a simple black jacket. He finished off the look with a pair of adidas sneakers with a neutral black and gray design so you can wear them with almost anything and get away with looking fashionable.

This Fashionisto chose simplicity in his outfit but looks fashionable while staying warm during the brisk winter. He decided to wear a pair of khakis instead of jeans which elevates the whole outfit without sacrificing his warmth. Little tricks like this make you look better and feel better as you take your finals.