WHAT TO WEAR: Warm Winter?

Global warming is real, people! While we should be concerned of the warmth we are receiving this winter, we should also be grateful that it is nice to not have to wear clunky, ugly winter coats to class every day. This winter, we Fashionistas/os need to take advantage of this unnatural weather and thank mother nature for a few more months of being able to express our personal style.

This Fashionista expresses her style by rocking an outfit that is casual enough to wear to class, but can work at a weekend tailgate or outdoor party. Her use of rich, cool tones is appropriate because, while it may be warm, winter is not the season of vibrant colors. Although the tones of her outfit do not stand out themselves, the black of her top and booties contrasted with the beige of her comfy cardigan creates definition in the outfit. The addition of the classic, and now becoming very popular, choker adds symmetry and originality into her look.

The choker and classic ring pieces she wears bring on an air of subtle elegance and just a touch of color. This elegance is contrasted well with the edgy rips of her high-waisted, light wash blue jeans, which as well add necessary color to the outfit allowing her to not blend in, but stand out. The originality of her lace-up booties adds another dimension to the outfit taking it one step above casual to chic.

This Fashionista knows just how to dress using my favorite motto: casual yet chic. Her ability to transform simple pieces in rich, warm tones into an outfit that represents high-end fashion is respectable and one to be replicated.