WHAT TO WEAR: Warm Winter Day

Although the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter, warm spring weather is in full effect in Maryland. Fashionistas across the whole campus have already broken out their bare shoulders and tank tops. One walk to class will induce a full-on sweat in this weather.

This Fashionista is working a pair of denim paired effortlessly with an olive green tank top. That is one color that will always remain in season.The biggest trend on this campus is the white, classic Adidas sneakers that can be worn with virtually any outfit. Another trend that seems inescapable is the choker. They can add a little detail to a simple outfit or be the center of attention for the entire piece, which is why I think this style favorite won’t be going away anytime soon. However, the standout aspect of this outfit is the lace standout on the back of the tank top. This particular outfit is ideal for staying cool, while it begins heating up outside and the sneakers make it perfect for long walks across campus.

Of course, what’s an outfit without the perfect bag! A large tote that can function as a purse and for school work seems to be the highlight handbags on this campus. They are convenient and cute. What more could a Fashionista ask for in a handbag? This outfit is the perfect example of a combination that can be worn on these confusing, warm winter days.

To top off this outfit, the Fashionista added a pair of sunglasses. Adding accessories to any attire can give a completely different look. So, East Coast, get ready for the warmer days and to show some more skin!