WHAT TO WEAR: Warm Tones

It seems we’ve finally come to that time of year again where the leaves are falling, hot coffee is everything and each day the weather throws another curveball at us. Some days it is freezing in the morning, but then by noon, you’re ripping off layers of clothes just to survive walking to your next class. Other days, it’s a gamble on whether it’ll snow or if you’ll be sweating your buns off all lecture. Anyway, what I mean to say is dressing for this time of year can get pretty tricky, but one thing that is simple is the consistent fall color pallette!

Here our beautiful Fashionista is obviously dressed for one of our colder fall days, but as you can see, she is still rocking those warm fall tones! Her white sweater is, of course, appropriate for the weather, but also the perfect color to pair with fall colors. The combination of her brown boots and golden beanie balances out her outfit with warm tones and helps complement the blue of her scarf well. For the especially chilly weather, this Fashionista incorporated an olive cargo jacket, which pulls every aspect of this outfit together astonishingly well.

This Fashionista took full advantage of the fall color pallette by incorporating gold, brown, white and green into her look. Her balanced outfit is perfect for snuggly days in and out of class, casual weekend walks to get hot chocolate with your friends, or even a little more formal fall events!

So what’s my advice on what you should wear this upcoming month? Warm colors, snuggly sweaters and a huge smile to remind everyone you’re killing it in all your classes. Take your inspiration from this Fashionista and look gorgeous the rest of this fall semester!