WHAT TO WEAR: Walkin’ to Class

Whether it’s a morning lecture or a midday art studio, this outfit is perfect for any class. This Fashionista is rockin’ all black in the very best way. Who says your favorite color can’t be black? If it’s a morning lecture, your easiest way to slide out of bed is by sliding into a strappy pair of slide sandals—comfy and cute for strutting your stuff all over campus.

Speaking of sliding out of bed, you might as well slide yourself into a pair of your favorite leggings—especially if you know it’s going to be a long day in class. Pair your leggings with a baggy tank, and call it a day. Baggy tank tops are the best way to show off that strappy bralette that helps you feel a little sassy and definitely comfortable.

For a black on black kind of day, it’s always fun to use a shirt or a sweater to have a little pop of color. This Fashionista chose a button-down light blue and white striped shirt. Tie it around your waist, or hang it over your shoulders when it’s too hot to wear on your way back home. Adding a simple shirt like this one is an extremely simple and fun way to vamp up your outfit and tie in all your colors.

As for accessories, this is where you can have some fun. This Fashionista decided to go with all silver. A chunky long statement necklace pairs well with a couple simple, big jeweled rings. The most import part of your journey to class has got to be your sunglasses. How lucky are we that protecting our eyes can be so fun and fashionable?  This Fashionista chose her every day Ray-Bans to do the job.

So when strutting to class, have fun, be comfortable and know you’re going to have a RAD day!