WHAT TO WEAR: Valentine’s Day

We all have an opinion about Valentine’s Day. You either love it or you hate. But something we can all love is the looks that can be worn on Valentine’s Day. It’s a day full of the colors red and pink, colors that scream romance. But even if you’re single, it’s a day to embrace your inner Elle Woods and break out the pink, so what about that can you not love?

In this look, the faux fur jacket is the central item. It adds an element to the outfit that makes it fit for a special occasion, whether that be date night or a night out with your girls. When it’s still not quite springtime on your date night and you need a coat that won’t ruin your outfit, this is the one to reach for. It lets everyone in the room know you’ve arrived, which for date night on Valentine’s Day is key, or any night really. If there was ever an excuse to break out a faux fur coat it’s Valentine’s Day. The pink top is the perfect shade to offset the blush pink of the coat. It draws the eye, making the outfit look romantic.

The houndstooth skirt brings a monochrome element to the outfit. Pink is a great color and perfect for Valentine’s Day but, unfortunately, we’re not all Elle Woods who can pull off incredible amounts of pink perfectly. For the rest of us it can be a bit overwhelming. So to balance out the pink this patterned mini skirt adds the monochromatic factor all of us crave. The skirt is also slightly reminiscent of the ’90s, which is huge right now.

Trendy white booties tied the look together. White booties are all the rage in the celebrity world lately, made popular by girls like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Paired with this look, they complement the monochrome skirt and give the outfit a more spring feel. With an outfit like this it’s hard to not feel like a million bucks on Valentine’s Day.