WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

It’s vacation season in L.A. and everyone is gearing up to head to Palm Springs for the weekend or the east coast for the week. Prepping for vacation is a difficult task for any Fashionista, especially if there is a bag limit. Sometimes wearing your bulkiest garments, like a sweatshirt, is a must-do because of size limitations, but other times, dressing cute and ready to take on the day upon your arrival is the best choice.

This Fashionista is dressed perfectly for vacation season. She is equipped to wander around during the daytime, chill in the sun or attend a casual dinner, all in the same look. On vacations you’re usually just going with the flow and taking things hour by hour, a versatile look, such as this Fashionista’s, is perfect for that occasion.

Boyfriend jeans are a great travel option and one of the best forms of summer denim. Their loose fit makes them a comfortable, yet fashionable staple and also recyclable during your vacation. This Fashionista pairs hers with a bright-colored crop top, a perfect complement to the beautiful summer weather. Her big tote bag is necessary to carry makeup touch-ups as she gets a little R&R.

This Fashionista keeps chunky, unnecessary accessories to a minimum, as not to distract from her chill, vacation look. However, because of the overall simplicity of the crop top and jeans, she spices things up with an awesome head wrap. The print on her head wrap brings edgy, bohemian vibes into the look and complements the orange in her shirt and blue hues in her sunglasses. The blues are all brought together with her jeans and the reflective lenses on her aviators. The head wrap can also be put to good use throughout the vacation as a cool hair accessory with a top knot for a day on the beach. The brown belt with the gold buckle adds some contrast in while also adding a unique texture and style into the look. With a few Alex and Ani bracelets and a gold watch, this Fashionista is vacation-ready.

Prep for your vacation with some pointers from this Fashionista! Keep things simple and versatile to ensure you have a relaxing vaycay.

One Simple Change: This look could also be perfect for a concert with a few simple changes. With some bohemian vibes already there, the only thing that’s missing is some fringe! Change out the orange crop for a belly-revealing fringe top. Instead of lugging around a tote to the concert, find a cheap, cross-body bag that complements the fringe top!