WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

This summer vacation, you might be going to a music festival, the beach or simply exploring your city. The hot weather often means shorts or maxi dresses, but why not try something different on your next vacation outing? This week’s Fashionista shows us an unconventional way to stay cool and be fashion-forward all at the same time.

The Fashionista’s outfit is all about neutrals and comfort for summer. Her outfit consists of a grey crop top. Perfect for hot summer weather vacationing at the beach or sightseeing at a new city. The crop top is paired with a flowy high-waisted black pants and thin brown belt around the waistband. These pants are great when on vacation because they are laid-back yet can be versatile and worn for any activity planned. She also wears a pair of black Birkenstocks that goes with the neutral color theme. A Marc Jacobs gold watch and two simple gold pendants finish the look. Low key and simple jewelry is great because when you’re traveling to your vacation destination it is much easier to keep track of and take off if you have to catch a flight and have to go through security.

This outfit solves the “what do I pack for my vacation?” dilemma. It is an outfit that you can wear all day and be comfortable in it all day. Often comfort evokes sloppiness but in this case the flowy and comfortable pants are actually calling attention to the Fashionista’s waist. It is a cool and relaxed look perfect for that week long cruise trip or simply hanging out with friends at a music festival.

One Simple Change: If you have a date later that night simply switch out the Birkenstocks for a heeled wedge, and you’re ready!