WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Packing can be a nightmare. All of the wonderful vacation fun will be hindered if you don’t pack the right outfit or appropriate clothing for the weather. Due to this, it is important to pack items that are versatile. The look that our very handsome Fashionisto has chosen is perfect for vacation because it is simple and stylish. The pieces he chose will also transition well for whatever the adventure of the day is.

The Banana Republic cream-colored T-shirt is perfect for vacation because the material is light. Also, the white will reflect the sunlight and keep our Fashionisto from getting too burnt if his vacation involves a lot of sunshine. The buttons on the T-shirt add a little something to your average, plain white T-shirt. However, this Fashionisto’s gray shorts are what really caught my eye. The texture is very classy and the grain on the shorts makes them look almost like wool, but they are soft and light to the touch.

His accessories are perfect for whatever the day has in store. The G-shock watch will ensure that he is on time for all of his excursions while still looking super fly. The Nike Roshes are perfect for a day full of walking around, doing touristy things and the pattern is really fresh, but not too distracting.

Simplicity and versatility is key when packing for vacation because you never know what the weather might have in store. Vacationing is often filled with sight-seeing during the day and fancy dinners at night, and this Fashionisto’s outfit can transition seamlessly from day to night.

One Simple Change: In order for this Fashionisto to make the transition from vacation wear to date night wear or any nice dinner outfit, all he has to do is swap out the white T-shirt for a plain button-down. I would recommend a light blue one because it will complement the gray shorts. A nice belt will add a little extra class, but it is completely optional.