WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

There has always been speculation as to whether or not it is possible to look cute and comfy at the same time. I am here to tell you that there is no longer reason for speculation as this Fashionista has proven that a comfy-cute look it is indeed possible and perfect for a vacation outfit!

The Fashionista’s soft, cotton dress feels like you could sleep in it; yet, it fits her form like a glove and complements her curves. In this dress, anyone could take a comfortable stroll or dance the night away at a beach party. The slits down the sides of her legs allow her to show off her long legs and allow for a breeze to pass by her legs at the same time so that she never gets too warm throughout her time on vacation.

Furthermore, the tie-dye pattern and colors of this Fashionista’s dress reminds me of the ocean with its bright teal, blue, and white colors, giving me island fever. In terms of accessories, her earrings go perfectly with her dress, as they are light and add just the right amount of extra detail to make the Fashionista shine.

For one last touch, this Fashionista took the extra step to French braid her hair across the top of her head—an absolutely stunning finish that polishes the entire look.

Now, if for some reason you want to keep track of time on your vacation with a watch, the best color band to match this dress is definitely white because it pops out in contrast to the dress.

One Simple Change: You can make this outfit look a little more refined for a nice brunch with some cork wedges.

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