WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Finals are over for many of us! Hooray! You know what that means—kicking back, relaxing, turning up Shaggy and Sean Paul through your speakers and possibly heading towards the closest island or coastal town (if you can). If not, there’s always coconut candles and pineapples readily available at Target to create your own island extravaganza for your last days at the dorm. Just use your wildest imagination! Take the time to de-stress after finals by creating your own paradise. You may not need to stray too far. To add to this wonderful atmosphere you’ve created, get your outfit down to a T!

Not sure how to get that authentic, breezy islander look from the Caribbean? Find yourself a long, colorful wraparound skirt. This Fashionista is totally rocking an orange maxi one with brown paisley details that ties on the side. It is definitely a great mixture of ethnic and bohemian, and the cinching of the two ends of the skirt creates just the perfect ripple effect to accentuate her curves!

Next, grab yourself a lightweight cropped crepe blouse. This Fashionista’s tiered blouse hits at the perfect part on the waist, so it does not break up the shape in an offsetting manner. Afterwards, accessorize with your favorite muted gold bangles and/or precious stones! The raw amethyst cluster necklace and matching crystal drop earrings top the outfit off!

One Simple Change: Want to fully commit to the Caribbean feel for a celebration? Change up the amethyst for Larimar (the light-blue stone native to the Dominican Republic)!