WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Depending on where you go to school, you’re either about to go on spring break or just coming back from spring break. Unfortunately for me, I fall into the latter category. I spent my spring break traveling between New York City and Long Island and got to meet this fabulously dressed Fashionista during my travels! Her outfit is perfect for a trip into the Big Apple. It’s unique enough to make her stand out in a sea of people and just the right balance of chic and weather appropriateness. Because, who are we kidding, New York did not get the memo that spring has sprung.

First, let’s talk about that jacket. If anyone loves a ’90s throwback, it’s me. The shearling lined denim jacket brings me back to my infancy. It is a nice refreshing take on a classic staple that makes the outfit more interesting. The denim wash also pairs well with the shades of blue in this Fashionista’s crop top. Crop top weather will be back with a vengeance and I could not be more excited about it. This Fashionista pairs hers with a leather skirt, which is a brave move. I find that wearing leather during the day and making it work well can be a challenge but our Fashionista nails it!

I love that this Fashionista didn’t wear tights with her skirt and instead braced the elements with knee-high socks instead. She also wore sensible shoes knowing that the main form of transportation in the city is walking as opposed to something that would make her feet hurt after a long day of adventures.

One Simple Change: Going to a concert in the city? Lose the denim jacket and add a fur vest instead something that will keep you warm, but won’t leave you in a puddle of your own sweat!