WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Hello Fashionistas/os! This post goes out to all of you Spring Breakers out there! It’s finally that time of year when we all get a much-needed week of relaxation. Whether you’re at the beach, in the mountains or at home having a staycation, there are endless opportunities for new spring outfits.

On vacations, most of your time is spent in a bathing suit on the beach or in pajamas watching movies inside. However, on that one night you actually decide to look cute, what do you wear? You know it’s going to get colder at night, but you’re so sunburned from earlier that day that you feel like you’re on fire. Outfits like skinny jeans and a tank top or shorts and a long sleeved top are perfect for the weather. Flip flops or sandals are always a must for your feet and your hair can be free and windswept.

This Fashionista got her vacation style perfect. Her floral dress is a fun spring pattern paired with a sweater tied around her waist for when it gets cold later that night. Her necklace is a great accessory to add more flare to the look and her gold sandals are perfect for beach walking. Basically, this outfit is perfect for paradise. Next time you’re at the beach, try layering a knit sweater or cardigan over a fun summer dress. It’s perfect for a chilly night on the pier and the sweater is a great cover up for bad sunburns on your winter skin.

One Simple Change: This outfit is perfect for a summer night out; however, it’s easy to transform it into an outfit for class when you get back to school. Simply trade the sandals out for ankle boots and you are good to go. This outfit is so versatile and great for this spring season.