WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Going on Spring Break with your fellow Fashionistas/os can be one of your most exciting and interesting college experiences. Whether you are spending your time at a fancy all-inclusive resort or getting in touch with nature on a hiking trip, a vacation with friends is something you should partake in within your four years. Half the fun of the trip is figuring out what you are going to bring beforehand. What could be better than packing your favorite ripped jean shorts and summer dress when it’s still 35 degrees back at school?

I spotted this Fashionista while on spring break in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Her beautiful white dress popped perfectly underneath her turquoise kimono. White is one of the best vacation and overall warm weather colors. Whether it’s in your shorts or your bathing suit you have to incorporate it. Even if you think you can’t pull it off for whatever reason, you can definitely rock it. For an added bonus, white was one of the most dominant colors on the runways this season.

One of my favorite things about this Fashionistas look is how natural she looks. Using pops of bright colors on a neutral outfit looks so effortlessly chic. When you are on vacation, it’s all about the good life. Letting your natural and best self shine is the best fashion advice. Maybe try going makeup free one night!

You can’t forget about her floppy beach hat. This take on a straw hat is one of the best trendy inventions a Fashionista could ask for. After laying out in the sun all day there is nothing better than throwing on this hat and not having to do your hair. This easy hat can transition into your outdoorsy trip as well. Wear it with a braid and your Birkenstocks and you are ready for the mountains in style.

One Simple Change: Heading away from the ocean and back to class? Try a similar simple white dress and a neutral or black blazer for a dressier look. It’s never too early to start wearing white, especially if you want to show off your vacation tan.