WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

If you haven’t noticed it’s summer and that calls for vacations. Whether you are site-seeing, relaxing or a mixture of the two, for goodness sakes make sure you don’t look like the dreaded tourist. This Fashionisto is an Ohio native but looks like a Georgian as he is visiting Savannah. Get your notebooks ready because he is doing something right.

This Fashionisto’s look is the perfect mixture of frat boy and vacationing grandpa with his tropical shirt. In the heat of these summer months this short sleeved button-down shirt acts as a ventilation system. It can easily be thrown on with shorts, jeans or pants. It’s no wonder they are such a big hit with the guys this season and can be found in any color and pattern. I love the subtleness of this Fashionisto’s selection and not to mention that color against his sun kissed skin. These button-downs can go from day to night effortlessly and when you’re on vacation, effort is one thing you just don’t want to give.

The last thing you want to wear on vacation is socks, your toes are begging to be free and tan. This Fashionisto is sporting a pair of Rainbow flip-flops. He recommends wetting the soles to make the break-in process quicker and more effective. Not only are these sandals comfortable in the heat of summer but they will last longer allowing you to get so much wear.

It is easy to lose track of time on vacation but just in case you actually have someplace to be, this Garmin watch is perfect. Its sleek design and light weight will keep the sweat at a minimum. Not only does this little gadget keep track of time, it also keeps track of steps walked, activity levels and even hours slept. This Fashionisto’s water resistant VevoFit2 model is ideal for his beach vacation.

One Simple Change: To take this look from sand to concrete, swap out the Rainbow sandals for a nice pair of Vans. This will help steer-clear of a frat boy or tourist look.