WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Bonjour jet-setters! Wishing y’all a happy August from down here in sunny Florida (…AKA a 365-daylong vacation). So listen up Fashionistas, and brace yourselves for this one; as much as it pains me to say this, our beloved summer season is… yes, coming to a screeching halt. Did I seriously just say August? Yikes. That went by quickly, and if y’all are anything like me, I’m sure you too are also itching to hit up those last-minute vacation spots before hitting the books next semester. How about we pool all of the money that we (haven’t) been saving this summer and hop on the next flight to paradise so we can score that final tan and avoid all of the tasks and responsibilities that we have been procrastinating for the past three months? Grab your favorite duffel and let me give you some tips on what you should throw in there to make for the perfect getaway.

First and foremost, can we all take a moment to check out our fly Fashionista, hello HAIR GOALS. Our lady of the hour chose to sport an ever-so-fabulous floral jumpsuit paired perfectly with some neutral wedges. Whether you are traveling to Europe or treating yourself to a girls weekend at a nearby beach, you can never go wrong with a jumpsuit—it will carry you from your daytime escapades into an equally fitting ocean-front dinner outfit.

Accessories, accessories, accessories! Let’s decorate ourselves; we all know this is my favorite part. Our Fashionista has a keen eye for some sunnies, like… check those babies out. Killing the game. An accessory addict knows that you can never have too many pairs of glasses, so why not grab a pair in every color to match your one piece! Options never hurt anybody, but the wind certainly can. Don’t you love when you finally tame the mane and then with a simple gust of salty air mother nature is all like ‘nope’. Same. Don’t fret ladies; before your trip, make sure to run over to the nearest boutique and pick up a floppy straw hat to protect those luscious locks. Oh, and let’s not forget about jewelry. Throw on your favorite bangles and some studs for the perfect amount of glam.

Ah, vacation—a beautiful thing. Enjoy every minute of these last summer days Fashionistas; before you know it we’re going to be back on campus living in our sweatpants and stuffing our faces with vending machine snacks while pulling all-nighters in the campus library.

One Simple Change: Are you and the girls planning to hike up and down the city streets sightseeing all day? Opt for a pair of miller sandals to maintain your chic look while saving yourself from some major blisters. But as they say ladies, beauty is pain. Xo