WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

If there’s one thing college students look forward to during the school year, it’s summer. The stress of waking up for class and studying for final exams is no longer hanging over our heads. Summer is a time to take a break or go on vacation. It’s a time to sit back and relax, whether it be by the pool, on the couch binge watching the newest series on Netflix, a rooftop in a cool new city or under an umbrella at the beach. The possibilities are endless. Just like the possibilities to relax, the possibilities to make a fashion statement are endless as well.

While this outfit is very simple, it’s perfect for any day at the beach. This Fashionista chose an outfit that is both comfortable and versatile. The faded blue crop top and high-waisted white cut-offs are great for biking through a small beach town, walking down the beach, a casual dinner or even as a cover-up over her bikini. She chose a pair of tan slides which is way more unexpected than your typical beach flip flops and totally on trend. Slides are my personal favorite beach shoe because they are easy to take on and off—you’re always ready to play in the sand or walk around town!  To top it all off, she is wearing her Polar A360 Fitness Tracker. It may be a vacation, but this Fashionista always has time to squeeze in a little workout!

One Simple Change: Just finished dinner, and need to fit in a last minute sunset run on the beach? Try swapping these cut-offs for a pair of spandex, throw on your favorite pair of running shoes, grab a water bottle and go!