WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

With the summer coming to an end, it is finally time to say goodbye to your favorite things such as eating gallons of ice cream, staying up way too late for no reason, hanging out with your friends for days on end and, of course, pool parties every weekend. Personally, I am not not ready for this lifestyle to end so I’ll hold on to it as long as possible. Although with that said, the summer can kind of drag on until the end you can feel you have nothing to wear to anymore pool gatherings. Fear not because this Fashionista is pulling out all the tricks in her beach bag.

It is time to ditch your beloved beach cover up that has perhaps has a little too much love this summer and replace it with your casual every day clothing. Your friends will never see this coming! This Fashionista is rocking a cute comfortable pair of cotton shorts that can be mixed an matched with many different shirts. She chose to pair her shorts with a simple cotton shirt. This is a good outfit for the pool because it will still be comfortable if it gets wet and can dry easily. Next to her shorts, my second favorite part of her outfit was her fun boho accessories. She layers necklaces and bracelets that go together perfectly and are great conversation pieces. Lastly, her brown leather sandals are easy to slip on and off on the go and add to het boho vibe.

One Simple Change: After the pool party, there is another party? Dry off your shorts, change your shirt to something more form fitting, keep the jewelry on and add a pair of little heels and you’re ready to go.