WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

It’s summer. Meaning? It’s vacation season, people! If you can beg your boss for that one week off (or maybe even just a long weekend) to escape that hibernation that we like to call “the office,” you’re lucky. So now let’s fast-forward to when your boss has already given you the a-okay, you’ve done the nits and grits when it comes to booking hotels and doing your research on restaurants and it’s time for the most important (and stressful) part: Packing. Coming from the Queen of Over-Packing herself, don’t follow my direction in throwing a random assortment of items into your bag. Unless, of course, you’d like to be stopped at check-in and have to completely re-pack your bag in front of all of JFK International. Take my word for it—it’s embarrassing and not so fun when your bras and bathing suits are flying all over the terminal. Therefore, it’s important to plan time to pack for your vacation, and even smarter to pack items that will be versatile for a whole range of activities.

Take this Fashionista, for example. She is wearing a gorgeous and playful, yet simple, romper. To make the ensemble a tad bit more exciting she layered on some fun necklaces and bangled bracelets. This outfit would be appropriate for a day at the beach in Mexico, touring the Roman Coliseum or wine tasting in Napa Valley. See? Versatile! Point proven. In my eyes, the most important things outfit-wise while traveling are comfort and style. It can ruin your whole day if you’re limping from blisters or worrying about your skirt flying up in the back (I’ve been there, both times).

One Simple Change: If you are on a tight and busy schedule while on your getaway, there might not be time for you to pop back to your hotel for an outfit change for dinner. Or maybe there is, but only about five seconds allowing you to grab only a jacket. Well, don’t stress (Why should you? You’re on vacation!). This outfit comes in first place for this criteria, because in order to transform this look from day to night, all you really need is a light jacket and voila! Ready for dinner and whatever else the night ahead brings you.