WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Any of you ladies out there struggle with overpacking? Well, as Amanda Bynes would respond in her lousy, makeshift male voice in the movie She’s the Man, “I can relate, ya know?” I can never decide what to bring and what to leave behind when packing for a vacation. And since I usually save the packing for the last minute, I always end up bringing everything along and being that one person in the airport who has to ferociously rearrange her luggage to make sure her bag is under 50 pounds. Yes, I’m quite a vision in airports.

But seriously, when packing for vacations, I always feel the need to pack by outfit. I’m not talented in the art of choosing a few staple items and then resolving to mix and match them to create a multitude of outfits. I like variety. That’s why maxi dresses are the perfect clothing item to bring with you on your next adventure. A maxi dress won’t take up much room in your suitcase and is literally a complete outfit. Forget worrying about packing a pair of pants and a shirt to match and a belt to hold the pants up, then doing that for each day of vacation. Bring a maxi dress and bam, your outfit for day one is done!

This Fashionista models a perfect example of one of the outfits you could bring on vacation. Her maxi dress is light and airy, making it a perfect choice to wear out and about. Plus, the various patterns really make for an eye-catching piece. Underneath, she pairs a black lace halter bralette, which serves for both fashion and function because, let’s be honest, a bralette is much more comfortable than wearing a real bra all day long. Extra points awarded because the lace detailing adds the perfect girly touch. Additionally, I love the jewelry she pairs with this look because each piece is charming and dainty yet complements the look extremely well. In other words, nothing looks overdone. Lastly, this Fashionista chooses the perfect hairstyle to go along with her ensemble. A messy bun is the ideal addition to her free and flowing outfit.

One Simple Change: Even though I hate to admit it, versatility is absolutely key for packing efficiently for a vacation. In this case, the maxi dress does all of the talking, so your job is just to switch out the accessories which is easy as pie. For nighttime, whether going out to dinner or strolling through the town, throw on a chambray shirt overtop and tie it at the bottom to cinch in your dress at the waist. Slip on a pair of dangly, gold earrings, and if you’re feeling bold, switch out the flat sandals for some wedges. There you have it—two looks in one: a skill mastered only by the most legendary of packers!