WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Vacation is the best time of year, and usually the most deserved. College students have to work hard throughout the school year and then are forced to pick up part-time jobs and internships in the summer to make money for books during the school year. That is why as a college student a week of vacation is so rewarding. We can finally sit down and read a book for fun! You can take a nap and not worry about the next thing that you need to cross off that to-do list. You can finally hang out with your family and enjoy their company without the worrisome schedule creeping in. Everyone loves vacation, but no one loves it more than us college students.

Packing for vacation can be stressful so it is important to pack the basics. Make sure to pack a variety of outfits that could fit for a casual evening or a more formal evening. You never know what you will end up doing on vacation and it’s smart to be prepared. This Fashionisto was heading to a cocktail party on the ocean and decided to wear a pair of faded red khaki shorts with a light blue button-down. He chose to roll the sleeves of his shirt up as to fit with the summer vibe. He also left open the top couple of buttons of the dress shirt that exuded a more casual vibe. For shoes, he wore Sperry Top-Siders that were perfect to wear to a party near the ocean. To accessorize he wore a brown leather belt, a Citizen watch and sunglasses. This look works perfectly for vacation because it is dressy without overdoing it. Perfect for a night or afternoon out on the town.

One Simple Change: To wear a look like this during the fall, switch out the shorts for a pair of pants. The casual vibe will still be there but it will be more comfortable to wear in the cooler temperatures.