WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

When deciding what to pack for your tropical getaway this summer, it can sometimes be difficult. For me, I am often struggling to find a balance of clothing that is realistic, yet chic. I tend to draw toward silks and other delicate fabrics that are heat and humidity’s easiest victim (not to mention, a hefty dry cleaning bill). Luckily, I have found a replaceable fabric, rayon, that is a lightweight and moveable material similar to silk and perfect to wear on your summer vacations.

A favorite summer staple of mine, the maxi dress, is a versatile piece for this season. It is perfect to wear anywhere you go, especially on vacation. The light rayon is suitable for warmer weather, yet it still maintains a casual-chic appeal. They may be one of the most comfortable pieces to wear this summer.

With maxi dresses clearly on my mind, I spotted this Fashionista wearing a heathered gray maxi with slit detailing along the sides. She has chosen particular accessories to characterize a bohemian look. Sporting a Janessa Leone hat provides a nice accent of color with her monochromatic dress. She adds a simplistic statement necklace, giving an effortless look. Her lace halter bralette adds subtle detailing to her ensemble. To finalize her outfit, a pair of black suede sandals are worn with fringe embellishments. This Fashionista has completed her look, maintaining comfort in her maxi dress with her bohemian accessories.

One Simple Change: To transform this outfit into a preppier look for a Greek event, very little changes can be made. Simply opt for a straw hat and strap on a pair of leather sandals with a splash of color in them.