WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

July 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

There is nothing better than to finally have the time to step away from life’s constant routine. There is a universal way to take this well-earned space and reward yourself from all the hard work, and that is with a vacation. Yes, sometimes college and work can take a toll on a person’s productivity and leave them feeling a little unproductive. Taking the time to go on a vacation is crucial for anyone as a way to relax from constant work and also pamper yourself before the new semester arrives. Never feel guilty for taking time to go on a vacation, and nothing is better than going on a vacation to somewhere where summer seems eternal. Beautiful beaches, prolonged naps and sun kissed skin scream a dream vacation. With a dream trip comes a dream wardrobe to go along with it. This is the time to experiment with colors and/or crazy prints. Enjoy the time to wear less fabric because, let’s face it, tropical locations tend to involve rising temperatures. It is the time to get into embracing white as the go-to color.

Even though white is the best color to bring on a vacation; black is the best of all neutrals. This Fashionista took black as the neutral to her crazy printed shorts. The natural flow of the fabric helps you feel comfortable on whatever activity you decided to do on your vacation. Whether it is a cover up for the beach or cute shorts to go site seeing, taking the idea of the pants will help you enjoy your time off. She also did not sacrifice comfort or fashion in the shoe department. These cute white small platforms give a modern edge to the summer print resulting in a nice balance. My favorite part of the whole look is the sunglasses. The retro vibe does not clash with her whole look and it actually ties everything in a classic way.

One Simple Change: If you still want to achieve this look but do not want to have the short length of the pants, try a cute summer palazzo pants look. They still achieve the same vacation goals but leaning into a more bohemian aesthetic.