WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Canada has been host to some important, thrilling events this summer, including the Women’s World Cup. With the games brought Fashionistos and Fashionistas together from across the globe. Spotted in Montreal, Quebec for the Semifinals was a Fashionista on vacation from the United States of America to support the U.S. in a game against Germany.

Everyone knows a young woman’s biggest lament on vacation pertains to her choice of wearing heels to roam around a new city. Comfort doesn’t matter when you look good in the mirror until 10 steps have been taken outside the door and tennis shoes become very appealing. However, this Fashionista thought fast on her feet and opted for strappy black sandals to discover all of Montreal. Carrying a maroon Urban Outfitters sweater made for another smart choice by the Fashionista to let the weather know she was not playing any games. Her simple cross-body bag is the perfect purse option for traveling around a foreign place. The bag is not only on-trend, but is also functional and provides security.

Overall, she is practical and fashionable, two combinations that are sometimes hard to come by. Her outfit isn’t too loud, either. Screaming, “I’m a tourist” by your outfit choice is something you never want to do. Yet, for the game, screaming, “Go U.S.A.” is perfectly acceptable.

One Simple Change: To combat the unpredictable weather, a change from sandals to booties would make this Fashionista warm and comfortable as the day transitions into night. Additionally, some face paint and a U.S.A. soccer jersey would make the Fashionista immediately game ready.