WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

A weather forecast of sunny skies and warm temperatures is generally nothing new here in L.A. It definitely seems to intensify during summer, however, so you can imagine just how hot things can get in a town that already experiences this kind of weather to begin with! If you can’t already tell by the photos, the sun was absolutely beaming on the day I photographed this Fashionista! Luckily for her, she was well equipped with her trendy sunglasses and equally fabulous sundress. Now that is some functional fashion right there.

If your next vacation consists of the same beaming sun and roasting temperatures, consider taking some wise pointers from this Fashionista. The combination of a sundress and sunglasses will no doubt keep you prepared for this sort of climate, but why not take things to the next level by donning a pair in a funky shade while rocking some sandals to match? The orange and gold hues of the sunglasses this Fashionista wore caught my attention right away, and they ultimately paired perfectly with her crisp white sundress. And, speaking of which, deflect the summer heat in style by straying away from darker hues and rocking white instead. Bold colors paired with white give off quite the resort vibe while keeping you slightly cooler at the same time. White also pairs with virtually anything, giving you a lot of freedom to play up your sunglasses and sandals to your liking. Slather on a hefty amount of SPF 50, spray on your favorite coconut scented body spray and you can be sure you’ll be walking out that door looking stylish in the sun.

One Simple Change: To polish up your look and still keep the funky pops of color, switch out the sandals for a pair of heels and a nice clutch that are in the same shade. By doing this, you can still have the resort, vacation feel of the outfit while being appropriately dressed for a more formal occasion, such as a dinner out or a date night.