WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

July 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

We all know how hard it is to pack light for vacation. It’s stressful to plan outfits ahead, especially when you want to look good but don’t have a set schedule of events. I know I always have the urge to throw all my accessories into my suitcase so I’ll have options to work with, because what if I suddenly get invited on a hiking trip or to a royal wedding? When you’re packing, don’t follow my example! This Fashionista, who I met when she was visiting from another state, proves that using just one go-to accessory from your suitcase can make you stand out from the tourists.

Most of the items in this Fashionista’s outfit have the kind of versatility that every traveler hopes for. A black romper and black booties can be worn anywhere from the beach to a nightclub but are comfortable enough for a day of sightseeing. Black cross-body bags are practical and match anything. So if it’s comfortable and monochrome, why is this Fashonista’s outfit so noticeable? Graphic cityscape leggings take her outfit to a whole new level, and show how one accessory can make normal items of clothing into an awesome, creative look.

The next time you’re packing for a trip, try not to worry about cramming more outfits than you need into your suitcase. Instead, follow this Fashionista’s lead and bring an accessory or two that can elevate any outfit!

One Simple Change: Invited to a club or party by some new friends? Remove the leggings for a more formal look. They’re such a light accessory that you can stow them away in your bag when you’re ready to go out!