WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Vacations: one of the best aspects about summer and college life. They’re a great opportunity to experience new sights (like fashion!) and sounds in addition to tasting different food. In addition, they don’t always have to be at the beach, as you can be vacationing in a brand new city for the first time (ah, Paris). Even though you may feel the last weeks of summer quickly slipping though your fingers, you still have time to take that dream vacation before the fall semester begins. Just take one thing into consideration: don’t forget to dress in style.

Vacationing in comfort is great, but vacationing in both comfort and style is an even better alternative. Which might I add, this Fashionista accomplishes with little effort during her stay in Chicago. This Fashionista will be relaxed throughout her day of sightseeing in her trendy and striped T-shirt dress. Pairing some flat sandals with the dress adds even more charm to her attire. For added flair, she wore a bright cherry red kate spade cross-body bag to keep her hands free for shopping bags. She topped off her ensemble with a chic pair of shades and a chunky handmade necklace for some great fashionable attitude. Plus, the necklace matches perfectly with her sweet tattoo.

All in all, this Fashionista rocks when it comes to a fabulous vacation wardrobe, one I might have to steal, whenever I take that future trip to Paris someday.

One Simple Change: Traveling back home on an airplane and don’t want to look like a lazy bum? Simply exchange the sandals for a pair of comfy and stylish sneakers and store your jewelry in your carry-on for safekeeping.