WHAT TO WEAR: Uptown Funky Walk

Playing with prints is fun all year long, but I feel that during the summer month’s prints are definitely the way to go. The weather perfectly matches the brighter and bolder prints seen everywhere. One article of clothing that seems to be getting more and more popular when it comes to different patterns and colors this time of year are pants. From joggers to beach pants to harem pants, the fit and color and design options are endless. This Fashionista caught my eye in her colorful, bohemian-inspired pair. Besides looking super comfortable, these harem style pants have an ideal fit with their wide elastic waistband and the ruching at the ankles.

Many runway shows are bringing out ‘70s-inspired looks in full force. From peasant blouses, to flared pants and fringe on everything, psychedelic pieces are making a come back. I love how this Fashionista subtlety hinted at the 1970s with the jewel tones in her pants. The turquoise, deep blue and violet shades made for a rad, yet simple, ode to the 1970s-inspired fashion.

If you’re a fan of the retro style pieces starting to make a comeback, you can ease into the trend by adding in one or two key pieces at a time. This Fashionista stuck to a simple 1970s color palette and kept the rest of her outfit very current. You can add a simple touch to your outfit to keep it reminiscent of the ‘70s with a patchwork skirt, a pair of fringe booties or even by throwing on a suede jacket.

Besides the eye-catching pants, I love how the rest of this Fashionista’s outfit stayed on the simpler side and really let the pants do the talking. With her loose black crop top, black strappy sandals and Ray-Bans she gives off a very casual vibe. The outfit is a perfect beachy, boho combination.

I cannot wait to see how Fashionistas everywhere transition their free-spirited pants into the cooler months.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “In the summer months, I’m all about dressing comfortably. That’s why I love these pants. They’re cute and attention-grabbing but still super comfortable.”