WHAT TO WEAR: Uptown Fashionista

I decided to take an adventure to the northern part of Downtown, Chicago to the Gold Coast where I found my Fashionista. The north side of downtown is known for people who are usually dressing up and keeping up with the latest trends.

What caught my eye immediately was how this Fashionista was rocking a leather jacket and high heels. The perfect combination, it was edgy but not too casual and not too much, all at the same time. Her sparkly shirt was attention grabbing but matched perfectly with her black on black ensemble. Sometimes when wearing sparkles or eye-grabbing shirts like the one this Fashionista is wearing, it can be overdone, but I loved that this outfit flowed perfectly together. Sparkles are always fun to add to an outfit especially if you are wearing mostly one color, like this Fashionista.  This Fashionista’s heels are to die for! If you ever want to add a little more to your outfit, heels are always the way to go! As long as they are comfortable! I also thought her lipstick completed the entire ensemble because it is as bold as her whole outfit. Red lipstick or any type of dark lipstick is the perfect makeup accessory when going out later in the afternoon.

This Fashionista bought her trendy black leggings, with multiple zippers on the front at Dry Goods. Her leather jacket can also be found at Dry Goods, she has had this leather jacket for a long time but she loves how long the clothes at Dry Goods last compared to other retailers. Her sparkly shirt that adds the perfect accent to her black on black ensemble can be found at Nordstrom. Those black open toe heels that are absolutely jaw-dropping and gorgeous can be found at Forever 21. She also stated that they are one of her comfiest heels she has ever owned. Lastly, her bold, red lipstick that lasted all day is from Urban Decay. Many of these clothing articles can be found in many popular retailers such as Forever 21 and H&M because they are currently in style.

I hope when you hit the town for a night out to a new city or town that you keep this rocking style in mind!