WHAT TO WEAR: Two Seasons, One Day

March is here and even though the groundhog saw his shadow, the weather in Richmond, Virginia, can only be described in one word, unpredictable. The cool, winter air quickly transforms into a sunny, spring day in a matter of hours. This leaves any Fashionista/o in a twist when deciding what to wear to class, knowing it will be cold when they leave for class, but balmy once they leave.

The Fashionista chose to layer a caramel, suede cardigan over a purple tank top with flower and mesh detailing creating a V-neck shape. These tops paired with flared blue jeans and lace-up black oxfords completes the look while also staying comfortable while sitting through lectures and labs. The colors further the late winter season look, while also keeping it cool once the sun starts to come out.

She chose to keep it simple when it comes to accessories, as numerous bracelets clinging together can be distracting and rings can start to hurt if writing for too long. A simple chain necklace adds an extra pop to the outfit while keeping it casual. Her shoes tie the outfit together as well as provide a comfortable walking shoe for getting from class to class.

The weather around this time starts to get confusing, causing Fashionistas and Fashionistos to wonder if they should break out their spring wardrobe or hold on to their sweaters. This look assembled displays a simple way to layer in order to stay warm when it’s cool outside and have the ability to cool off as the sun comes out. The casual and comfortable vibe given off also makes this look perfect for a day full of classes.