WHAT TO WEAR: Turning up the Heat

Now that winter is over and the temperature is rising, we can finally appreciate warm season clothing again. This is a blessing for both comfort and those who are trying to line up the perfect summer tan. In Texas, we have about a three week period in between seasons, so the temperature will be rising very quickly. These next few weeks are essential for us to look our best in, since we haven’t hit 100 degree weather yet. In order to take maximum advantage of this, every perfect day needs to have an even more perfect outfit, and this is exactly what this Fashionista does effortlessly.

This particular outfit brings together a lot of different elements of comfort, style, current trends, and personal flair in order to create what is, in my opinion, the perfect look for spring. This is done in part by wearing timeless colors that will look just as amazing 50 years from now, and being conscious of the season one is dressing for. Speaking of classics, there is no better item that can be worn in warmer weather than the jean short. Jean shorts are both timeless and stylish, and when paired with the trendy flower embroidery near the pockets, the outfit stands out even more from the norm. For the top, this Fashionista picked a red bralette, and layered it with a sheer, white long-sleeve button-down shirt. This might be the most classic look in all of fashion, and when worn correctly, can make anyone look like a superstar. The black, lace-up shoes elevate the class of the outfit, and dress it up to where this could easily be worn for a day out with friends, or for a warm night out on the town. This Fashionista is wearing a beautiful necklace that almost acts as a choker, and complements her shirt very well. She also has a set of winged earrings, which match in harmony with the diamond necklace and the angelic feel of the outfit in general. The best thing about this outfit is that it can be tweaked in so many ways in order to encompass anyone’s style, and it is very easy to swap out an accessory or two.

This is one of the most versatile outfits out there, as it can be worn a multitude of different ways, all of which are sure to get you compliments. This attire will be super comfy to wear when the weather starts heating up, and many people will take notice and recognize your style while you rock this outfit. These clothes really can be purchased on a college budget as well, which to me, personally, is one of the biggest selling points. As we all know, the best accessory is a smile, and if you wear your outfit with confidence, everyone will notice and respect your style and poise; there really is no better feeling than making an outfit your own.