WHAT TO WEAR: Turn Game Day into a Runway

Who says game day has to be all about the game?

So often we see repetitive styles at games: oversized basketball jerseys and high top converse. While there is nothing wrong with those two articles of clothing, it is refreshing to see something new every once in a while.

This Fashionista knows just how to turn any regular game day into her personal runway. She has mastered combining her love for her Kentucky Wildcats and fashion. Every game is a new opportunity to create a new unique look that she is certain no one else will be wearing.

The phrase “new is better” has its points but I’d like to give “old is better” a chance, especially when looking at this Fashionista’s outfit. This vintage Kentucky “basketball fever” sweatshirt (which she got personalized with her boyfriend’s last name and number-how adorable), automatically strays away from the tedious jersey look. Incorporating an animal print coat, the outfit went from simple to bold. It’s no lie that knee-high boots are in style right now. These blue knee-high boots compliment the blue text on her sweatshirt and show her pride for Big Blue Nation. Nothing makes an outfit more desirable than the right accessories and this chained Chanel crossbody did just the trick (similar chained crossbody).

Game day does not have to be all about the game. Every event should be turned into a fashion runway. Next time you are about to throw on the same basketball jersey you’ve worn to every game before, stop and brainstorm a unique outfit that will make others wish they had thought of it first. I’m rooting for fashion and the Kentucky Wildcats!