WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

July 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

As an upperclassman, one has a greater opportunity to study abroad or travel due to grants or research. Your focus may be only on all the different preparations for traveling like housing, classes and documentation, but never forget your wardrobe especially when one travels. Airline limitations on baggage can dampen one’s ideas and selections of outfits. However, there is a way to cheat the system! If you pack lightweight clothing, hats and accessories, there is way more variety to choose from than bringing your entire wardrobe. This all depends on where you will be traveling to, but that does not have to determine all of your choices. When traveling to colder places, take a neutral colored coat so it can match with any outfit. When traveling to warmer places, a comfortable printed summer dress with cute shades are a must-have. No matter where you end up traveling to, new adventures can be heightened with a nice outfit.

As I roamed the streets of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico, I came across this Fashionista and her outfit seemed perfect for any travel day. The historic streets were filled with locals, tourists and animals, but she stood out amongst the colorfully painted Spanish colonial homes. She paired a simple straight lined denim dress with warm toned brown booties and the cross-body purse helps for travel ease. The shoes looked amazing against the blue and gray cobblestoned streets. My favorite part of the overall look is the dusty rose-colored Dolce&Gabbana glasses. The rose quartz shade is completely relevant in the fashion world right now and it especially looks good against the rustic look of denim and boots. Every item this Fashionista chose is ideal for traveling since its comfortable, practical and aesthetically pleasing.

One Simple Change: For a day to night look, switch out the booties for some heels and grab a clutch, then the cute denim dress turns into a night outfit to explore a new city in.