WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

With summer comes the need to escape reality for a little bit. Maybe you want to soak up the sun, read a good book or go on an adventure. Many of us, myself included, just want to leave our everyday environment behind for a little. Whether it’s a job, summer class or just a daily routine. In order to arrive at that final destination where you can unwind and forget about your responsibilities for a few days, you must take a car, bus, boat or airplane. Traveling can be stressful so your outfit should only help make this easier.

This Fashionisto chose a pair of his favorite jeans and a simple polo shirt. Two classics that are not only easy, but effortlessly stylish. In order to add some style to his jeans, he rolled them up in order to showcase the details of his shoes. In terms of accessories, you want to keep these as minimal as possible. A watch like the one this Fashionisto is wearing is always a good idea in order to keep yourself on track while making your way through the airport.

You also can’t forget the perfect carry-on bag. This Fashionisto’s bag is not only stylish, but it will hold on to all his flight necessities and will keep everything secured. Could you imagine a three hour flight without your iPad or favorite book? The color of this Fashionisto’s bag is also the perfect contrast to his denim and stripes.

One Simple Change: Have an interview for an internship? Add a sharp navy blazer to this look and you’ll have a polished outfit perfect to impress.