WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Packing for a trip is always a hard task, but focusing on the basics can make it easier for your Fashionista soul. And if you happen to be traveling in Europe, consider this article a guideline to simple European style.

While studying abroad in Italy, I have noticed that no matter what city I am in, whether it is Milan or Venice or Rome, Italians have amazing style. Maybe it’s because they are expected to maintain their fashionable wardrobe with many high fashion brands originating from their country, such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci in Florence, and Prada in Milan.

In Italy, everyone wears the same variation of these three essentials: neutral colors, denim and leather. Minimalist patterns are worn like stripes, focusing on clean horizontal lines that are easy to style. Outfits can range in structure, from flowing loose-fitting cuts found in culottes or dresses to fitted figure-flattering silhouettes found in skinny jeans and tapered pants. Shoes are always practical and comfortable for walking.

This Fashionista decided to style herself with inspiration from the simple Italian style with an American fashion essential: the denim jacket. Her breezy jersey material striped dress is casual and comfortable, which is perfect for traveling during the hot summers in Italy. The striped dress also allows her to look less like a tourist since she is dressing more typical of the Italian color palette. Her denim jacket adds a little bit more structure to the outfit as well as a variation in texture and color. Finally, her black leather sandals and cross-body bring together the outfit for comfort and practicality while traveling.

One Simple Change: To elevate this outfit for a girl’s night out, simply exchange the denim jacket for a black leather jacket and throw on some black suede heels!