WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

I’m sure all of you understand the craziness that surrounds spring break. From finishing up midterms to struggling to pack for an incredible vacation or a trip back home, the days leading up to spring break are chaotic. Midterms are scary and thank goodness they are over, but packing is usually the scarier matter between the two. It’s always the last obstacle that stands between you and your vacation.

We’ve all regretted it when we simply throw the first few pieces you found in your closet into your suitcase. Since you’re already thinking about that pair of shoes that would have been perfect to wear out with your friends. The problem is those shoes are back at school and you’re stuck without them or any other pair that would complement your outfit. What’s the solution? Take this Fashionista’s style advice and pack staple pieces on your next trip.

When I met up with this Fashionista over break, I realized her outfit was the product of some pretty rad packing skills. She didn’t need her whole wardrobe in front of her to create a fashionable outfit. Instead, she filled her suitcase with versatile pieces that she could mix and match with a few other pieces throughout the week. Then, she was able to style chic outfits for just about any occasion.

She starts off with a basic pair of black denim, which is great for a day look. However, it’s also easy to transition into a going out look by wearing a leather jacket instead. Then, she wears a ’70s-inspired white blouse with a detailed lace-up neckline and bell sleeves. On a warm day, this blouse could also look adorable paired with a denim skirt. Next, she slips on her black boots with cutout details. This Fashionista clearly knows they are a great piece to wear during that awkward transition between seasons and the weather has a hard time making up its mind. Next, she layers on a trench coat to add a bit of warmth and an extra dose of chicness. Finally, she adds two rings and she’s ready for brunch or really any occasion that the week may bring.

Remember, packing doesn’t have to be a pain. Follow this Fashionista’s example and make sure to bring pieces that offer you versatility during your trip!

One Simple Change: With spring finally here, unpredictable weather is inevitable. If you’re caught with plans on a rainy day switch the black booties for some fun rain boots. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color either!