WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

March 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Everybody knows that when deciding what to wear as you embark on a new adventure can be pretty tricky because most of the time you just want to be comfortable. Whether you’re taking a plane, train, or car, you may be sitting for hours as you wait for your arrival in this new place. Airports and train stations are fun because you can watch the different people go by and examine what they’ve decided to throw on as they too get ready to take off. You have the woman in stilettos, jeans and a big, floppy hat or the businessman who is ready for a meeting at anytime because he is walking through the airport in a suit and tie. You have the mother in jeans, sneakers and a baseball hat while her kids are sitting on their cellphones and iPads in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. To different people, the term “comfortable” can be exemplified in many different ways. However, I am here to tell you what to wear when traveling and you’re trying look comfortable AND cute.

It’s that time of year when students are getting a week off from classes and studying and it being “the best week of their college experience!”—which we also like to refer to as Spring Break. This Fashionista here is showing us how to look cute and comfortable even though she is going to be sitting on an airplane, awaiting her arrival in paradise. Rocking the comfy-casual look, this Fashionista is sporting a pair of “trendy sweatpants” or more commonly known as joggers. Sporting a tank top and zip-up sweatshirt, these two articles of clothing are perfect for traveling especially when your destination is somewhere warm. The zip-up sweatshirt can easily be taken off, tied around your waist or put into your carry on. This Fashionista’s decision to layer her necklaces is a great way to add a little something extra as well as her own personal flare to the outfit’s simplicity. Ending the outfit off on the right foot, the Ash sneakers provide that extra texture, with them being suede, as well as that extra comfort when walking through an airport. This Fashionista is ready to take off in style!

One Simple Change: What’s good about traveling on an airplane is that you are able to bring a bag with you. You’re given the opportunity to throw a little something into your bag to help spice up your outfit once you land at your destination. When it comes to traveling somewhere warm this spring, sneakers might make your feet a little too warm. Throwing your favorite pair of flip flops into your carry on is an easy way to adjust to the climate change and still look travel-chic!