WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

The semester has finally come to end. After grueling months of studying, classes and meetings, another semester is behind us. Finals week was probably the worst of all, but we all survived and we made it out of the semester alive (maybe not sane, but alive none the less).

If we are lucky, some of us will be traveling during our winter vacations. You may be going back home, to another state or even out of the country. Getting dressed for a day of traveling is always tricky; you want to be comfortable, but if you are like me, you also strive to look presentable—after all, you are in public.

This Fashionisto got it right. This look works wonders for traveling; it’s simple and comfortable, while still being presentable. He opted for a gray cotton sweater and paired it with tan corduroy pants. He finished off his look with a pair of brown shoes and some fun, colorful accessories. It’s not every day you see a man rocking a bracelet, but I love it.  At first glance the color pairing seems like it doesn’t work, but he’s rocking only neutrals, which allows the colors of his accessories to really pop. The addition of the orange watch and green bracelet is a nice complement to the rest of his look.

One Simple Change: If you wanted to take this look from a day of traveling to weekend wear, a few switches are all you need. Keep the gray sweater and add a cardigan or a coat, depending on the weather. Swap the corduroy pants for a nice pair of jeans and you will be ready to take on whatever the weekend brings.