WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

The fall semester is winding down which means everyone on campus is either leaving or coming back for the next two weeks to finish classes. Typically when traveling we want to wear something comfortable for the long plane rides or car rides. There are ways of feeling comfortable yet very chic. The best way of looking casual but very put together is to wear nice accessories to make the overall look put together.

This Fashionisto decided to go casual with his outfit and add his favorite accessories so that he looks good when he gets off his flight. This Fashionisto decided to go with a Pink Dolphin long sleeve shirt, this way he doesn’t have to bring a sweatshirt in case the temperature on the plane gets chilly. It is very simple with a camouflage logo on the bottom which goes well with his army green joggers. His accessories is what make this look complete, he added all-black Balenciaga sneakers; these have an interesting texture, which catches everyone’s attention. In addition to that, he wore his black MCM backpack to fit any of his belongings that he wants to bring on the plane. This outfit is very simple but the accesories that this Fashionisto put on allow him to be versatile with what he is doing.

One Simple Change: Going out on the town? All this Fashionisto would have to do is put on a button-down collared shirt and take off his backpack, and he’s ready to go. Everything in his outfit matches muted neutral colors, so anything goes from here!