WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Humans tend to have an innate fear of the unknown. Some people might see this fear as a weakness, but it actually has motivated us to develop this beautifully complex world that we live in today. It’s because of this fear that we crave learning. With learning comes understanding, and with understanding comes a sense of safety, relief and control. So as we grow up we learn everything we can, from learning how to say our first word to learning how to build skyscrapers and cure diseases. One of the things we crave the most is learning about other people. A great way to satisfy this craving is to travel. There are over 1,000 countries in this world with some countries holding over three billion people. Traveling is a great way to meet some of these people, learn how they are, how they live and how it feels to be a part of the culture they come from. However, one thing you don’t want to learn while you are traveling is what to wear.

Wearing the wrong outfit while traveling can make you extremely uncomfortable and will distract you from learning about these new places or people. You want to learn what to wear before you start traveling, so you don’t miss out on a single mesmerizing moment. That’s where this Fashionista comes in.

This Fashionista knows that when traveling you want a versatile outfit so you are ready for anything, because traveling is filled with unknowns. You want a look that makes you feel pretty and confident, so that your personality exudes when you meet these new people. On the other hand, you want a look that is comfortable and convenient because your exploration days might get long and tiring. This is why she wore an pinafore dress. With a dress like this she gets the confidence from wearing a playful floral dress, the convenience from the pockets and the comfort from being able to wear her favorite T-shirt underneath. She then paired this dress with a small black shoulder bag and matching black lace-up shoes. The black adds a sense of sophistication. The size of the bag prevents her shoulder from hurting and her shoes are flat so her feet don’t hurt from all the walking. To top off the look she wore sparkling violet earrings, adding some pizazz. With a look like this, she is ready to fearlessly travel out into the unknown and capture every learning opportunity that comes her way.

One Simple Change: Swap the shoulder bag for a book bag when you are done traveling and ready to go back to school. This look will keep you comfortable while taking notes, but also will help you feel confident enough to make some friends after class.