WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

During the summer, New York City streets are filled with interns coming from all over the country, among the everyday New Yorkers. Although most of us are here for work, there are plenty of opportunities for weekend trips away from the city. Everyone from our officemates to our favorite bloggers seem to be headed to the Hamptons (along with other super fun staycation destinations) right after a summer Friday. Whether it’s laying in the sun on Fire Island or hiking in Bear Mountain, traveling to these local spots couldn’t be easier. Before this summer comes to an end, there’s still time to squeeze in one last trip before classes start for the fall semester.

A common misconception when traveling is that style is completely disregarded. This Fashionisto, however, proves that this isn’t the case. Dressed in a practical and stylish, neutral-toned ensemble, he is prepared for the journey to his next travel destination. He sports a solid black T-shirt, loose-fitting black pants and a pair of boots, combining comfort with style. He also ties a light jacket around his waist, which will come in handy if the temperature drops. When traveling, it’s always smart to bring a small carry-on bag or backpack to hold all of your travel essentials. To top it all off, he wears a cap perfect for protection against the harsh summer rays. This look will definitely keep you comfortable on a long train or bus ride out of the city. Incorporating his personal style with practical pieces, this Fashionisto shows that travel attire can be stylish as well.

One Simple Change: Heading somewhere with colder weather? Throw on a sweater or jacket to add to this layered look. Layers are key when traveling, and can be easily stored in a carry-on if needed.