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WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

For those of you Fashionistas/os who are traveling abroad this semester or study internationally, fashion is pretty much the bane of your existence. When posting on Instagram, you need to be looking very chic in order to compare to your incredible backdrop of wherever you are studying.

Europe has to be one of the most popular countries to study abroad in. The weather variation from your hometown to the country you are studying in may be difficult to adjust to depending on the time of year. From personal experience when studying abroad, first and foremost research the weather of the country you are studying in. If you are studying in places like England or Ireland, the weather can be extremely unpredictable. Always having a raincoat and a great pair of Hunter rain boots is your best bet when exploring your new home for the next couple months.

Another word of advice, make sure you can bring basic pieces that can be reworn with any outfit. This Fashionisto did just that! He is wearing a basic navy blue collared dress shirt with black trousers. This world traveler knows how crazy it can get in airports, so he chose the classic white sneaker if he is ever in a rush to get to his gate.

One Simple Change: Just got off the plane and are super hungry? Go out for a bite to eat with friends! You can change the navy blue button down to a long black sweater if it is a bit chilly where you are. If the weather is a bit warmer, throw on a plain white T-shirt and hit the town.