WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

If you’re a true Fashionista, you take every possible opportunity to dress stylishly and fashionably. That may even include when you’re at the house. I’m sure you coordinate your sweatpants and yoga pants with cute tank tops or comfortable T-shirts. When you’re finally going to the beach, flying across the country to California or halfway around the world to Europe, you want to be cute while doing so. You want to step off that plane or out of that car and know that if by chance you run into your potential hubby, you won’t look like a hot mess. This Fashionista’s travel outfit is perfect: cute, comfortable and casual. These three C’s are so important in a girl’s wanderlust filled life.

This Fashionista is wearing jean shorts, a white piko and simple black sandals. She accessorizes with two gold layering necklaces and her bralette falls into that three C’s category. Bralettes really have changed lives. The jean shorts are a good alternative to running shorts or printed shorts. You don’t want to be overdressed for traveling, but you also don’t want to look frumpy. After all, it’s all about that Instagram. The white piko is the epitome of fashionable and comfortable. The material is to die for. They’re so light and simple, giving you the opportunity to show off accessories and a dainty bralette. This Fashionista chose a stylish, but sensible pair of shoes for traveling. Late getting to the airport? These shoes are secure enough so you can run through the airport all dramatic like the movies but easy to take on and off for security: sensible, yet stylish. This Fashionista knows how to travel in style.

One Simple Change: Meeting your friends at the final destination of your trip for appetizers and drinks? Throw on a pair of booties to dress up the outfit. You never know who you may meet in new city.