WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Who doesn’t love to travel? The thrill of riding an airplane, the excitement of a new place, plus a new vacation wardrobe! Since it’s summertime, most vacationers are traveling to places with a tropical climate where sundresses and bathing suits are a must. That is, unless you’re traveling to the other side of the equator. This Fashionista is traveling to Colombia, meaning her vacation wardrobe needs to consist of clothing that will be sufficient in 50-60 degree weather.

This Fashionista took on this challenge with ease; she wanted her vacation wardrobe to consist of brightly colored looks that would successfully keep her warm. The outfit she has on does exactly that. She has on a pair of brilliantly patterned jogger-styled pants. The loose fit of these pants makes them ideal for a long day of traveling or exploring Bogotá. On top, she balances out the bright pants simple gray crop top. A crop top like this one is a definite staple in anyone’s wardrobe and can be paired with whatever your heart desires.

Accessories are used to add some more personality to this look. This Fashionista has on a super cute mint necklace. I love the alternating mint and silver bars on this necklace. For shoes, she has on a pair of slip on white sneakers. Sneakers are the perfect shoe choice for traveling; they are super practical and allow for maximum comfort. This Fashionista finishes off her look with a pair of trendy glasses. Glasses are a definite travel must; who wants to be on an international flight stuck wearing contacts?!

One Simple Change: Class is similar to traveling in the fact that you want to be as comfortable as possible without hindering your personal style. Take this look straight into the start of the fall semester by adding your go-to backpack or purse to hold all your back-to-school must haves.