WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

The summer months are the perfect time for travel. Whether it’s an annual family vacation, or a fun trip to somewhere totally new, traveling is an experience you’ll never forget. There are so many exciting places in the world, and even if you’re just taking a day trip to the next town over, traveling is a great way to expand your horizons.

One of my least favorite parts about traveling is getting there. Whether it’s a long road trip where you’re squished between your siblings, or a plane ride where you’re trapped in the window seat, traveling can be trying. Picking the perfect travel outfit can make your life a little easier. While a cute and comfortable ensemble won’t make your little brother stop poking you, it will make your trip a little more cozy and stylish.

This Fashionista kept things simple with an off-the-shoulder top and patterned pants. Her light and loose clothing is ideal for a long day of traveling. With comfortable and breezy fabrics, she won’t have to worry about overheating on a crowded plane, or trying to curl up and sleep in a pair of tight jeans. Although this Fashionista kept her outfit simple, the fun pattern on her pants adds interest to her look. She finished off her ensemble with flip flops, which will be perfect for the rush through airport security.

One Simple Change: Heading straight to the beach after you hop off of the plane? If you have a comfortable swimsuit on under your outfit then you’re ready to sleep away the jet lag in the sun!