WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Hmm, the power of simplicity. Fashion is many things. It’s spunky, daring, confident and simple. What makes something “fashionable” or “trendy?” I say, fashion is whatever you want it to be. Match your outfit to whatever your mood is that day and rock it.

Many times, we look to fashion bloggers and models in magazines for trendy looks and ways to match the celeb fashion style, which is okay for awhile. At some point, you have to make fashion your own, starting with the things that catch your eye and the styles and brands you look good and feel confident in. Most often, I find that keeping an outfit simple is the best way to catch an eye.

It is summer (my favorite season), so let’s talk cool and cozy. One of my favorite parts of summer is traveling, whether it’s vacation or unplanned road trips. There is nothing worse than trying to look good and then feeling uncomfortable all day long. It’s almost not worth looking good. Am I right? So first things first: comfort. Pick something that looks good but also makes you feel good. My go-to shirt is always a loose tank top or a V-neck with a print on it. To match the top, depending on what shade it is, pick killer jean shorts. I would say if the shirt is dark, go with light denim bottoms. It’s best to keep a contrast in colors; that way, they do not clash.

One Simple Change: When you are traveling, comfort is key. But the same goes for when you are done traveling and you have arrived on vacation. To change this outfit from traveling to vacation, throw on a loose tank top and add a summery straw hat.