WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

So you are going on your long-anticipated summer trip, and faced with your numerous clothes in the wardrobe, you have no idea what to wear. When talking about traveling, before your shopping spree, one annoying thing that comes into our minds is how to put up with the long plane ride. Concise dress will always be a good choice. This week, I will recommend what to wear for traveling by plane.

This Fashionista is on her way to airport and she didn’t put on any makeup due to the pressing time. She chose a simple white T-shirt with cotton jersey and a design of crew neckline, which is very cozy. For the lower part, the Fashionista chose fitted, tapered leggings that hit between calf and ankle with cotton jersey, as well. These leggings are not only simple and fashionable but also have good flexibility for walking, shopping and so on. For the shoe part, the Fashionista wears a classic design which is one of the most popular fashion items in this summer season. This pair of sandals is by Hermès and is made up of good leather and matches well with her white shirt. Lastly, for the accessory part, she chose a small green had bag by Hermès as well, which is small and suitable for the plane trip.

One Simple Change: Want to take your morning flight to a nighttime look after deplaning? Bring a skirt or shorts in your bag, and then you’ll feel fresh when you arrive at your destination! Girls, let’s dress up and be ready to embrace our summer trips!