WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

With the school year impending faster than we want to realize, the final month of summer often yields itself to a frenzy of squeezing the most possible fun out of the remaining time before we head back to the books. August provides the perfect time of year to schedule that last-minute cross-country road trip, or the “last hurrah” weekend at the lake.

This Fashionisto shows just how much fun he’s willing to have by keeping himself prepared for anything.  He maintains neutrality with his look while allowing small accents of detail and color to convey his personality.  From the red in his shoes to the red on his sleeve, his look is not overwhelmed by neutrals but kept simply cool.  His double-breasted button-down shirt allows the perfect opportunity to adjust for the temperature, making it easier to go from air conditioned vehicles to sun-baked parking lots while also providing plenty of pocket space for the little things.  Not only can black jeans go with just about anything, with the right amount of stretch, jeans can prove surprisingly comfortable when sitting and walking. This Fashionisto grounds his look with classic Nike sneakers, which provide a sporty, polished look while maintaining comfort and moveability.

In a final pinch, a ladyfriend’s sunglasses provide this Fashionisto with the perfect accessory to bring a feminine edge to his look.

One Simple Change: Khaki shorts can make this look a little more appropriate for daytime, while a tie and dress shoes can take it to an evening out on the town.