WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Whether it’s by planes, trains or automobiles we’ve all done our fair share of traveling. Part of that time is spent wondering which outfit you should leave out of your suitcase to wear. Wondering if you should wear that sundress on the plane in case you’re seated next to the man of your dreams. Or should you hold off on wearing those comfy sweats? You know since it’ll be humid and much hotter at point B rather than point A’s down pouring rain and temperature that’s still below summer appropriate.

The answer to your problems is hovering right above this article. This Fashionista is the definition of how to travel in style: not too little, not too much. Fresh off a seven hour plane ride from Spain, she is dressed in a cotton long sleeve V-neck, covered with a warm-up jacket along with her hair pulled back in a nice braid. From the bottom, she wears a pair of Victoria’s Secret PINK leggings with Nike Free 4.0 sneakers. This is it. Her outfit leaves her in full flexibility: to sit comfortably and able-bodied to lug that 50 pound suitcase up a flight of stairs.

Wearing dark colors when traveling is also something very important to keep in mind. Just in case, per se, your fidgety neighbor accidentally spills her salad dressing all over your lap. The black in her jacket and leggings may not deflect, but they can definitely ease the blow of the stain while you’re still in the course of your travels. And then we have sneakers…sneakers, sneakers, topped with some more sneakers. Throwing on a pair of sneakers will not only be your best move, but they will make you want to consider making those sneakers give a speech for you at graduation for that time they saved you when you went abroad.

If you’re expecting a weather change, you can opt to wear a tank top underneath a light jacket, removing the jacket and tying it around your waist when the weather calls for heat and humidity.

One Simple Change: Expected somewhere once you’ve arrived at your destination? A quick undo of the braid and pulling your hair halfway up, leaving the rest to fall wavy on your shoulders and a quick switch of tops, to a more casual loose-fitted tank top. A few minutes later and you’ll be ready to head right back out the door from your smooth travels!